Wonder Woman: Dark Justice

Wonder Woman visits Gotham City and dispenses her brand of justice.
Watch out Batman. There's a new vigilante in town.

Ashley Huffman - Wonder Woman
Jason X. Diaz - Jason, UFC Welterweight Champion
Nick Z - Thug 1
Neftali Vazquez - Thug 2
Anthony Winfield - Bartender
Reporters voice - Eric Moore

Directed - Eric Moore
Story - Eric Moore

1st Camera - Eric Moore
2nd Camera - Andres Torres
Fight/Stunt Choreography - Jason X. Diaz
Sound - Shaun Friedman

Blue Devil Plain - DanoSongs.com
What You Want - Kevin MacLeod

Shot on location at The Iron Horse NYC

I made this fan teaser in response to the casting of Gal Cabot. While Gal is beautiful, I do not feel she was a perfect fit for Wonder Woman.