Video: In Deep
In Deep is a film noir drama about a kid named Danny Sinclair and the detective who is hired to find him in the dark part of Center City called the Horn. As the detective gets closer to finding Danny he realizes all is not what or whom they seem.

The Players:
Mitchell Berger - Mickey Maroney
Anna Panchyshyna - Veronica Sinclair
Anthony Winfield - Danny
Justine Beirne Mistiy
Lyn Singelton - Darconi
Angiela Berrios - Kat
Robert Rossi - Big Rob
Norman Pile - The Sugarman
Stephen Burrowes - Big Steve
Scott Morelli - Mikey
Burns Luciano - Dirty Cop
Eric Moore - Older Danny

Camera Sound and Editing - Eric Moore
Casting Director - Mitchel Berger

Taxi Driver A Nice Piece for Orchestra - Elmer Bernstein
Blues for Guylaine - Andre Hossein
Walking Along - Kevin MacLeod
Written and Directed by Eric Moore
Shot with the Sony VG20, Sony VG10 and Sony NEX3 in New York City